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Liz is a Landscape Architect and started her gardening career at the age of 4 growing sweetcorn in her own vegetable patch. A lifelong obsession with the outdoors began.

Liz has fiendish organizational skills and just loves to 'get things done.'


Sarah is possibly the most hard-working gardener in Auckland and has been known to spend days on her hands and knees rooting out weeds. She has the greenest fingers of anyone and can nurse seemingly dead plants back to life.


Donna grew up on a farm which explains her extraordinary ability to get stuck in, get muddy and work in any weather – all whilst still smiling!

Donna brings her serious work ethic to the team and keeps us all pushing hard as we try and keep up with her.



Mike has over 20 years experience as a Landscape Architect winning various awards throughout his career. He is our design guru and creates beautiful plans and drawings.


Tiffany is our resident wellness expert giving us advice on aches and pains when we have overdone the gardening. She loves transforming spaces into gardens people can relax in and maybe even practice a little meditation.


Nick provides heavy duty gardening power to the team. He is our tree and hedge man as well as extremely knowledgeable plantsman. With 25+ years experience we have yet to find a plant he doesn't know the name of...


Logan is our resident artist bringing his artistic flare to the garden and helping us create fabulous spaces.  He also loves some serious heavy-duty digging!


Harry is a true St Heliers gardening star. He's lived here all his life and knows the gardens and plants like the back of his hand.  We take full advantage of his cleaning obsession deploying him with broom and blower whenever we can.